New Things!

Proof I did something at work today:

Today I spent a lot of time exploring this block theme further and polishing things up! It was a lot of fun, and I finally feel like things are coming together. I was really frustrated at first, but I think adding my own images helped the site start to feel like it was mine.

I also explored with some CSS again. I had a vision to add some hover effects to my buttons, and I went on an hour-long mission to figure out how to get what I wanted. After much Googling, I ended up installing a Plugin called Wow Plugins. I highly recommend it! It gives you a preview of all the effects it offers, and then when you click on the one you want, it automatically copies the code into your clipboard. From there, you just choose the block you want, go into Additional CSS, and paste it in! I was really happy with the results. It’s a small detail but I think it’s super satisfying to see something react when you scroll over it.

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